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Speaking in Sacrament Meeting - Anne's Farewell Talk

It was suggested that we post our talks, so here goes.  Its long.

The Rising Generation  August 31, 2014  (Anne's Talk)

Kids say the darndest things!  Now you have to be seriously old the remember that TV program and Art Linkletter.  But that is the theme for my assigned topic Our Rising Generation. By Elder Rasband

I’ve learned so much from the simple things that fly out of children’s mouths.  Sometimes I learn some things I need to change, some times its affirmation when I’m a little down.  Most of the time, it teaches me something really important I need right now.

I’ve been privilege for the last few years to work in Primary.  You learn all kinds of things about other families from the kids things say.  Here are  two I’d like to share

1. You are free to choose but you are not free from the consequences of your choices

2.  After 3 weeks on Adam and Eve, one of the students said, “So its really a good thing that Adam and Eve ate the fruit”  Yes!

I’ve learned a lot and had a lot of encouragement from our children, too.  And had the situation lightened up

One day as I headed down the hall, I could smell the desitin.  As I came into the room, the two year old was laying on the bed, almost naked, covered from head to toe in Desitin.  I was ready to kill him and he looked up and said Mommy, I just wanted to be a cloud

One day at soccer pictures, one of the photographers headed towards.  Is that your kid?  Oh know what did he do?  I just wanted to meet the perfect mom.  My mom’s perfect

One day I failed to do my duty.  I came in and a son said, mom I had an orthodontist appointment,  Oh I’m so sorry, we’ll reschedule.  Mom—I rode my bike.  Kids can take of themselves if we let them

One day, we were discussing taking care of old people, nursing homes, etc.  The women in my mother’s family have memory issues in old age.  I was fussing about it.  One of my kids said,  “Don’t worry mom, I’ll take care of you?”  and she does, all the time.

I got a note from our other daughter, she now a young mother—You know we think our moms sit around all day thinking up chores waiting for you to come home from school to make us do their work.  In the note she said,  I never knew, I just never knew.  Thank you for your life.

Missionary sons have taught me some things
One son had a broken foot,  I called the missionary president when I got his letter about it.  He said, go ahead and call.  Who is this,  Mom, you can’t call me.    You can’t do anything for me.  I’m in God’s hands—he’ll take care of me.  Click  I can’t tell you how many times I have heard those words in my head.  I’m in God’s hands, he’ll take care of me.

We had another son write,  I want to work hard with everything I have .  When this life is over I want to be able to sit down with Samuel Smith and Wilford Woodruff and Ammon and any other of the missionaries and share stories and not be embarrassed by my service.

Sitting around the table after school there was a discussion about girls participating in boy’s contact sports.  Oh they get what they deserve,  they signed on for it.  They can always quit.  The discussion concluded with this wisdom—“Its not appropriate contact for a holder of the Aaronic priesthood.

Early morning seminar—the child was late, yet again.  I raged into the room, clicked on the light and was intending to grab his foot and drag him to the floor.  He was kneeling by his bed, starting his day with a kind, patient, loving Heavenly Father

So, what about these kids we are surrounded with

Elder Rasband reminds us that we are also surrounded by temples.  We are covenant people.  We go to temples, and we try to encourage our children to do the same.  Temples have become a symbol of our faith in Christ

The B of M Mosiah tells us there was a great conference and they pitched their tents, towards the temple to hear the words of the King Benjamin, the prophet.    It was a wonderful time.  The speech is full of good counsel:

1.     When ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God

2.     Keep the commandments so you can prosper by his blessings

3.     Become as a child, submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love, willing to submit

4.     Oh remember remember that these things are true

But Mosiah tells us in a few chapters that the rising generation had not understood the words and as they grew, they did not believe in the traditions.  What happened?

I had the privilege of knowing LaVern Parmley.  She was General Primary President for almost 30 years She taught all over the world.  She was released  and called to teach 12 new moms in our Mother Education class.    She taught

Great ideals and principles do not live from generation to generation just because they are right; they continue from generation to generation only when they are built into the hearts of the children as they grow up.  We are not teaching the gospel to children, we are teaching children to live the gospel

We are teaching more by what do than by what we say.  That should change the way we are teaching.  What do our kids see us do?  Hear us say?  Again:  We are not teaching the gospel to children, we are teaching children to live the gospel.

We took 3 granddaughters to General Conference?  After one of the sessions, there was some repartee and some complaining going one.  One of the girls said—Did anybody listen the talks we just heard?  This is exactly what He was talking about for crying out loud  Stop!

We can’t always take our children to see real General Conference But we can do things to make that weekend with the modern prophets important and very special—more than just printing games to keep kids quiet—but maybe darkening the windows and wearing good clothes and turning off phones and rescheduling Saturdays Whatever, to make it special.  A weekend with the prophets!

Elder Rasband shared a story of taking his kids to an assignment in a stake near the Preston England  Temple.   After the meeting, they were walking around the grounds.  The temple president met them and invited them in to do baptisms for the dead.  As he held his son in the font, they had an incredible spiritual experience, feeling the spirit and serving together.  The son asked when they left,  Can we do this again?  There had been plenty of vacations and football games and stuff, but this was their first time together at the temple.

We have a temple-- bring your children as soon as they turn 12

One day as I came up front in the middle of the week.  There stood a young bishop with a very young son.  And me, Why aren’t you in school??? Today’s my 12 birthday and my dad took me out of class to do baptism.  How important is the temple now to this young man?  How important is it to his father?

One day, I was headed to the laundry past a line of kids picking up their baptismal suits.  An anxious young boy was introduced, this is my first time.  Is their special instruction for Me?  Yes there is!  You will be well taken care of in the temple.  And there is special instruction.  It comes from our Heavenly Father.

Find ways to have special experiences with the children in your life.  Find ways to remind them of Heavenly Fathers love and concern for them.

The first thing Heavenly Father said to Joseph Smith in that grove of trees was Joseph!  He knew his name.  He cared about him.  And he cares about all the children.

The world is a crazy place.  We need to be able stand on our own two feet.  Heavenly Father will always be there.  He will help us take care of ourselves, if we learn to trust him.  And have faith him.  He is really there for me.  We need to teach that to our children by the way we live our lives.   If we can teach by our own lives, maybe our kids will have the confidence they need to make it this world.

Sometimes, most of the time, we learn so much for our children

Missionary Work
One of our families had the idea to invite an older neighbor to church.  So they had him to dinner.  The mom was speaking that week and that started a conversation about the gospel.  The 5 year old whispered in the guest’s ear.  He kind of laughed.  Oh no—what did he say?    Do you have any Sunday Clothes?  You should come to church with us tomorrow—  Adults, waiting for the right moment and searching for the right works.  Well
He came, and he stayed for 3 hours.  Walking out to the car after the meeting, the five year again asked the right question—so, are you coming with us next week?

Love—simple love for the old man who lives next door.  And the simple faith and honesty of a child.  No fear,  just caring.

In the home of one of our children is plaque, among other things it says, we make mistakes, we say I’m sorry, we give second chances.  We love each other.  Sometimes we are the hardest on those we should care the most about.

In the home of one of our other families, around the corner where casual visitors wouldn’t see it, is their FHE bulletin board.  It has a scripture and some of the things they are working on that week.  Art Work  and a kind of mission statement.  It says Brashers use nice works, they are polite.  They are kind.  Brashers do hard things.

I had to think about that one  hard things.

This new assignment we volunteered for qualifies for that one.  Its a good thing—but its hard.  There are lots of reasons for us not to go.  At least 28 really good ones.  But those are also a part of the reasons we are going.  To be an example for them.

So why are we going?  Aren’t their enough service opportunities around here? 

One of the main reasons, I am going again is because every time I prayerfully listen to General Conference and they talk about missionary service specifically senior missionaries the Spirit says to me—You know, he’s talking to you. 
Not this year, not now.  I even considered not watching conference—but that’s not going to happen.  I even considered not approaching General Conference with preparation and prayer, but that seems counter productive.  The other consideration is that my companion gets the same promptings.

In another home, there is a statement posted on the door they use to go outside to face the world.  It says:  The most important thing you can do today is to bring someone a little closer to Christ.

The thing I’ve learned about that is as you try to bring others closer, you find that you are also closer to Christ.

Larry and I have been so blessed in our life here on this earth.  There needs to be pay back.  If we can go to Finland and encourage and support and love Young Adults and old adults far away from home for 18 months.  We can do that.  If we can help them to know that we love them, maybe they will be able to transfer that love and support to Our Savior’s love for them.

Pres Uchtdorf that said, Love is the motivating factor in this world.  Everything we do is for love, of something.  Everything our Heavenly Father did for us: our spirits, our bodies, this earth, this gospel, sacrificing his only begotten son-- is motivated by his love for us.

This is my work and my glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.

We were given this specific assignment to serve a mission in Finland, by inspiration from our Savior.  Bishop Cardinet is the right man to be bishop of this ward at this time.  President Perez is the right man to be our stake president,   because God said so.

President Monsen is God’s mouthpiece on our earth today.  He loves us and cares about us.  He gives us God’s counsel.

Joseph Smith saw what he said he saw.  Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appear to him and gave him an assignment.  And They helped me to accomplish that assignment;  To restore the gospel of Jesus Christ to this earth again.  To translate the ancient record, restore Priesthood authority and reorganize Christ’s church on the earth again.

Jesus is the Christ.  He lived, and taught and willing sacrificed himself for me.  He is My Savior and your Savior .  He is the only begotten of our Heavenly Father.

Its true, its all true.

Heavenly Father cares about me and you.  He wants us to be happy here and for eternity.  He loves me and he loves you.  He loves all his children, no matter where and when they live, not matter whatever they have done.  He loves us all.

Of this I bear testimony

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