Sunday, October 19, 2014

What do you do? The Schedule

Many of you have asked what we do all day.  We wonder too sometimes.  So I wanted to share our schedule.

Monday:   We are trying to make this our shopping day so we don't have to go as often (the plan is every two weeks to the "big store").  And we have Family Home Evening at 6:30.  We provide the refreshments and sometimes the lesson and activity. Larry is teaching the mission prep class in Finnish before FHE to young man who leaves in December

Tuesday:  This is our temple day.  We head out to do the 12:00 session.  I use a head set.  One of our office sisters, Sister Hunsaker, works in the temple.  She gets off at 2:00.  So if we do that session, we can bring her home.  It takes 3 transfers to get to the temple.  We started last week, picking up Sister Peckham from the office at 11:00.  Taking her with us to the temple and then we all come home together by way of some grocery store, so they can shop and help me find things.  And then we take them home in the car and they don't have to use the bus or tram.  We get to go to the temple and support the office sisters at the same time.
In the evening, we go to a Finnish class at the YSA room, taught by our younger missionaries

Wednesday:  This is usually District Meeting.  And Big cooking day.  We do dinner at 6:00 for 20 to 25 YSA before institute.  And we have refreshments for about 40 for the mix and mingle after institute.

Thursday and Friday we try to set up other things  (some Thursdays, I don't do much).  We are trying to have at least one small gathering dinner at our home--6 YSA, preferably 3 guys and 3 girls, each week.

Saturdays are baptisms and activities.  We try to assist our missionaries as much as we can.  We are also trying to visit all our wards and branches.  We still have more to do to get to them all once.

Sunday:  Church starts at 10:00  We visit a different ward each week.  We go to Sacrament, then the YSA Sunday School class and then usually meet with the bishop to see what we can do for him.

Most everyone here speaks really good English.  But lessons are taught and meetings are conducted in Finnish.  Most wards have good translation.  There are many foreign students here in International programs that are taught in English.  I'm amazed at the people who live here who do not speak Finnish

Larry spends lots of time on reports and keeping the YSAs identitfied and in the right place.  We can't support them if we don't know who they are and where they live.  He has also put pictures with their information so we can learn their names better.

Well, that's the schedule.  And with all good schedules--it gets changed all the time.  Everyday we read our scriptures and study language and try to keep our place clean and we do laundry too.

We are enjoying it here.  The people are wonderful.  The fall is beautiful.  The Gospel is true. Heavenly Father loves us all.

Anne and Larry

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