Monday, October 13, 2014

Young Missionaries Are Awesome!

Full time Missionaries are so awesome.  We just got home from Family Home Evening with the Young Single Adults.  We had two sets of Sisters there with investigators.  Most of the YSAs and Missionaries, use public transportation.  And they have to travel on one or two conveyances to get to our building.  On the way home, in a drizzling rain just after 9:00 pm,  we came across the Elders in our area, doing one more street contact on their way to their apartment.  We found them doing the same thing last Wednesday on our way home from Institute.  We live right by a tram stop.  These young missionaries work soooo hard.  And the Lord blesses them.

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  1. Interesting, this posts in California time, not Finnish time. I posted at 9:46 pm Monday evening.