Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Walk Around the Block - Autumn in Helsinki

Except for a couple of cold, windy and rainy days last week, we couldn't have hoped for nicer weather.  It has been sunny or partly cloudy with lows in the high 30's-low 40's and highs in the upper 50's - cool enough to be refreshing, but warm enough to be out without a coat.  The chilly nights have caused some of the leaves to change color and/or just drop.  The attached pictures give you an idea of our neighborhood.
This is our street.  Our apartment building is the white one at the end of the block.

Our apartment is on the 4th floor - four sets of windows up on the far left.
We have a small elevator, but use the stairs most of the time - need the exercise!
This is the view from our front window.  The enclosed area is part of the Russian embassy
compound, which is just across the street from us.

This is the view from our back window.
Just around the corner from our apartment is this small store.
Very convenient, but pricey.
Continuing down the street from the store you come to the harbor.  There is a beautiful parkway about a mile in each direction.  Wonderful for evening walks.  This time of year there are a lot of joggers, strollers, etc.
Turn around and look up the street you just came down.  This is Neitsytpolku or Maiden's Path.  The mission office and Helsinki 1st ward meeting house is a half a block up on the right.

Strolling along the harbor.  Lots of islands.

As we continue around the block to our apartment we see this
interesting view - very common here.

But the most spectacular is the Russian embassy.  Appropriately the
cascading ivy is bright red - although I think that is probably
a seasonal thing.
We hope you have enjoyed our little walk around the block.  We have many more pictures that we would like to share, but time and space is limited.  These give you an idea of our beautiful surroundings.  

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  1. Beautiful!!! It's how I pictured it would be! So amazing! And glad the weather isn't super nasty yet :-)
    Keep posting your adventures! :-)