Monday, September 22, 2014

A Taste of Finland

We had our first FHE in the YSA room.  They told us just to come, they would take care of everything.  They
blindfolded us and had us taste “traditional” Finnish food.  The selection included bread cheese, Finn crisp, mammi (rye pudding), blood sausage (yes it wasn’t that bad, but I would never order it), regular licorice and salted licorice (these are the only two Anne spit out), Viilli (sour yogurt), riisi piirakkoita (rice in rye pastry) and chocolate.  It was really fun.

Then they played the chocolate game.  I can think of several of you who would love this game.  You will need:
A large bar of chocolate, still in the wrapper
A fork and knife
A hat, gloves, and scarf
One dice (in a bowl so it stays put)

The first one to roll a 6 puts on the hat, gloves and scarf.  Picks up the utensils, opens the chocolate and begins to eat, with the knife and fork—no hands allowed.

The rest of the players continue to pass the bowl and roll the dice.  As soon as someone else rolls a 6, the current winner must stop, take off the clothing and pass it.  You can eat all the chocolate you want until the next person rolls that 6.  You may not even get the gloves on before the next 6 comes up.  You may end up eating a lot of chocolate.  

It was really fun!

Life in Finland is good.  We are settling in.  The Young Adults are wonderful.  They are very strong members.  We have some challenges, but that is why we are here.

The Younger missionaries are also very strong.  We were invited by two of the Elders to go help give a blessing to a Russian speaking member.  She turned out to be the wife of Harri Fagurlund who Larry knew when he was only a boy.  We were planning to contact him, and the Lord took care of it for us.

President and Sister Watson are inspiring, friendly and warm.  All the senior missionaries we have met have been very helpful to us.

The Church is true—even in Finland.  God loves all of His children.  We are all here to love and support each other no matter where we live.


  1. That does sound like a fun game! Love getting the update. xo

  2. I AM going to play the chocolate game. Do you remember Walt Wunderlich from the Sacramento Temple? He was a sealer & ordinance worker I believe. He remembers you. He lives with his new wife, who he met at Legacy, in our Branch. Love reading the blog & hearing about your experiences. We start at the Temple tomorrow---pray for us!! love, kent & barb

    1. Please say hello to Bro. Wunderlich. It was wonderful to work with him in the temple.

  3. I love that they did that for you! So awesome and hilarious :-) I wish they videoed it :-) and that salted licorice is nasty stuff LOL
    And can I say I love the chocolate game! Must play for sure!!!