Thursday, September 18, 2014

Our MTC Experience

We arrived at the MTC last Thursday morning and immediately felt the enthusiasm and spirit of this very unique and special place!  The sister at the front desk welcomed us with a smile and kindly took this picture.  Elders assisted us with our luggage.  Everywhere we went we were greeted with a smile and a welcome.

We began our classes late because of the change in our report date, but immediately felt right at home.  The instructors were enthusiastic without being gushy, and infused us with the desire to do missionary work.  It was fun to compare assignments with our fellow senior missionaries and participate with them in role-play situations.  We particularly appreciated the opportunity to role-play as both teachers and investigators.  We learned as much when we were being taught as when we practiced teaching.

 We were ready for a break after 2 days of instruction and were pleased to join my siblings and their spouses to do sealings at the Mt. Timpanogos Temple.  We were joined by our good friend from the Sacramento Temple, Linda Davis.  Linda left Saturday morning for her mission in Houston, Texas.  It was good to be with them all and to enjoy dinner with them afterward at Rib City.  I invited them to join us again next month at the Helsinki Temple, but got no takers.

Saturday was our preparation day - but for us it was a play day.  We visited the Hogle Zoo with grandchildren, Jessica and Tyson Bowden and their daughter, Emma.

Emma was a real trooper and enjoyed all of the animals, the train ride, the carousel (twice) and even warmed up to her great grandma and grampa.

We found this old bike, and it reminded me of my bicycling days in Finland so many years ago.  I wanted to take it with me, but it was anchored to the pavement.

After the zoo we had lunch and then visited Dana and Jay Thelin, who recently returned from Helsinki.  They were very helpful.

Saturday evening we got a note from a friend from Sacramento, whom we hadn't seen in a long time.  Beverly (Salmond) Akin had just moved to Salt Lake and wanted to get together.  It was late so I (Larry) didn't respond, but said my prayers and went to bed.  But I couldn't go to sleep.
Those who know me, realize that is highly unusual!!!  I felt that I needed to call Beverly and invite her to go see Music and the Spoken World at the Tabernacle the next morning.  Being a good missionary, I responded to the prompting and called her.

We also met Sister Fluckiger from Lincoln Stake and her companion.  They are teaching a young man from Finland at the call center.  We will try to follow up and meet with him in person.

In the afternoon we were able to have dinner with Bill and Mavis Oswald.  Bill was our mission president in Vladivostok.

We are so grateful for the training and for the opportunity to service.  The Spirit of the Lord is Tangible.    Our next post is coming.  All our love, Anne and Larry

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